The Beginning of a Legend

The Impera Hybrid Timepiece is weighty. It sits in the palm of the hand. Strong, steady, existing. This is not a wristwatch to fade into the background. The Impera makes a statement. “Here I am.” And we have been waiting. The Impera Hybrid Timepiece combines the functionality of the modern smart watch with the style and craftsmanship of traditional Swiss watchmaking, and is unlike anything we’ve seen on the market.

There’s something slightly romantic about the Spartacus Collection. As is to be expected, on a Collection inspired by the Ancient Empire itself, the numerals are Roman. The hands are diamond cut, and in the shape of the weapons of the brave gladiators who would fight to the death under the orders of Emperors and noble patricians in the coliseums and amphitheatres of Rome. The hour and minute hands are the gladius itself - the short Roman sword, carried by its soldiers. Countless battles were fought with these swords, and the 500 years of prosperity of the Roman Empire depended on them. The second hand is the elongated spear. Beautiful yet lethal. It’s a sharp arrow, pointing straight into the heart. These deadly weapons give an authority to the passing of time, and power to the one who holds it. Circling these are the coliseum steps of the rehaut leading down to the gladiatorial arena.

Although quiet, there is the unmistakable mechanical ticking. The counted seconds that ground you. The reminder that you are the holder of time. The sound is enough to transport you to the light and open workshops of the Swiss watchmakers. The intricate machines creating the cogs, and the gears. Aged wooden benches, holding the delicate tools of the trade. The Swiss watchmakers sit intimately over the watches they are assembling, lost in their craft. The loupe over their eyes magnifying the minute springs and screws, allowing them to attach the Impera’s detailed hands with amazing precision. Looking up, across the airy room, and out of the large glass windows, you can see the snowy Alps in the distance. The mountains that are such an everyday part of Swiss life, and yet still have the capability to make one pause in awe at each new sighting.

And wearing the Impera. How to convey the companionable comfort of this piece of art, so steadily tracking the passing seconds. No time is lost. Just as no information is lost to you. The quiet vibrations, the travelling symbols on the Moonphase Complication alert you to the most important things, without needing to interrupt your lifestyle. Sitting in a meeting, commuting, travelling, or just enjoying the peaceful moments, whilst still being a part of the ever moving progress of time.

The Impera Hybrid Timepiece is revolutionary. A leading brand, which is ever-striving for excellence. Recognising the history, this is a watch that will form its own legacy.

by Heather MacIntyre, 20th March 2019

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