Frequently Asked Questions


This is up to you. Once you have reserved, your Account Manager will contact you to discuss the numbers available, and help you to decide on the engraving.

There is space enough for a date, or for a monogram, on the back of the watch. When you have placed your reservation your Account Manager will be in touch to discuss your choices.

Only 500 First Collection Timepieces will be produced, so we cannot guarantee that they will remain available for very long. If at any point you would like to know how many remain, please email us at [email protected], or contact your Account Manager directly.

We are very glad you asked this. Yes. We will be producing a women’s collection, but it will not be available in 2019. A great deal of time goes into the design and development of an Impera Timepiece - we need to ensure that we achieve excellence with everything we produce. If you have any feedback as to what you would appreciate in a Ladies’ Timepiece, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Our newsletter will hold any updates.

We are currently working to select distributors that we feel are in character with the Impera vision, and will be publishing the names and locations of these once confirmed.

Our newsletter will hold any updates.


The full balance will need to be settled before your Impera Spartacus Hybrid will be shipped. You will be able to discuss with your Account Manager how and when you would like to do this - whether in one sum, or in multiple payments.

Yes. Once you have paid your reservation fee, your Account Manager will get in touch with you by email, and will provide a statement that confirms the amount paid, and the amount that remains to be paid with the reservation fee deducted.

Yes, you will have 14 days to cancel your reservation if you so wish, and have the full reservation fee refunded to you. If this is what you would like to do, please contact your Account Manager.


We ship worldwide. We cover shipping costs, customer covers customs and import taxes, so that the delivery process is completely hassle-free for you.

We are currently dealing with a lot of reservations, and as each Impera Timepiece is assembled by hand in the snowy Alps of Switzerland, it takes time to ensure that we are delivering excellence.

The First Collection will be shipped at the same time, and therefore this is planned to occur in November 2019.

You will be kept up to date with our newsletter, and once you have reserved your Impera you will receive regular emails from your Account Manager, so that you know when you will be holding your Impera Spartacus Hybrid Collection Timepiece in your hand.


The app is only for first setup and calibration. After that the app is not needed in order for the watch to function. However, the connection to your phone needs to exist for the Impera to receive notifications, and the app is required to view the activity tracking data.

It is possible to remove the phone connection entirely, if you would like only to wear the Impera Spartacus Hybrid as a traditional watch.

Yes, if you have multiple Impera Timepieces, you can connect them all to the one app.

You can disconnect the app and the Impera, and reconnect the Impera to your new phone. If at any point you need some help with this, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager, or [email protected].

If you are having technical difficulties, or need help troubleshooting, or are just unsure what other features are available to you, please contact your Account Manager, who will always be happy to help. You can also always email us at [email protected].

If a store accepts contactless payments, then you are able to use your Impera Spartacus Hybrid Collection Timepiece to make that payment.

In order to do this, you must first open a prepaid account. Your Account Manager will be able to help you with this, should you require any assistance.

Your data will be on your own account, and stored on the cloud. You will be able to compare two weeks of activity, two months, or even two years. You are able to clear any collected activity data at any time via the app.

When the battery gets to 10% you will receive a notification on your phone, letting you know it is time to charge your Impera. At 10%, the second hand will also move in 5 second bursts, rather than 1 second at a time.

Just place the Impera Timepiece on top of the wireless charging plate, and leave alone for half an hour. It’s as simple as that.

Additional Questions

Do you have any questions left that were not answered here? Please send us your question to [email protected].

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