This is Impera

Impera is the next step in traditional Swiss watchmaking. We take the most desirable aspects of the smartwatch, paired with Swiss design, and individual assembly by Swiss watchmakers.

Impera is about achieving excellence, and never compromising. Years have gone into the design and the development of each element that makes up an Impera Hybrid Timepiece.

On the outside, an Impera is a luxury watch, with sought-after complications, and an ageless style. On the inside, an Impera combines delicate components with innovative technology, to become a loyal companion in the most luxurious of lifestyles.

Raising the bar for Hybrid Timepieces

At Impera we did not want to just make a Hybrid watch. We spent years designing each individual part - mechanical and technical - to fit harmoniously together, and result in the best product imaginable. Impera Hybrid Timepieces are packaged with a wireless charger, which can power the battery for up to 6 months at a time.

We also developed a Moonphase Complication with unique functionality. Few luxury watches incorporate the scientific Complication that displays the position of the moon across the sky and Impera is the only one to combine this with subtle alerts of messages, phone calls and social notifications.

Our Inspiration

We drew our inspiration for the Impera Spartacus Hybrid Collection from the Ancient Roman Empire. The rehaut ringing the watch face resembles the coliseum steps, and the slow-moving hands are the weapons of the gladiators.

The Romans fit our Philosophy well: beautiful architecture, ageless form and design, and a legacy that stands the test of time; coupled with innovative thinkers, who shaped the world. Power, desire, development.

Impera is keeping the skills and craftsmanship of the Swiss watchmaking tradition alive, whilst developing ideas for a new generation.

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