6 Reasons To Own a Hybrid Smartwatch

Nowadays, it is easy to distinguish between a watch and a smartwatch. However, hybrid smartwatches are a new generation of innovation. Simply put, a hybrid smartwatch bridges the gap between a smart and traditional watch. In the absence of a display Impera hybrid smartwatches for example combine different features such as a fitness tracker, a sleep tracker, push notifications and more. With a battery life of up to 24 months on one charge. While still looking like a traditional luxury watch.

It is for those reasons that it is coined ‘hybrid’ — meaning settling between a smartwatch and a regular watch. For instance, Impera is a Swiss brand rooted in tradition that offers cutting edge technology wrapped in elegant aesthetics and sheer luxury. Inspired by the ancient Roman Empire, Impera hybrid smartwatches transcend regular watches to cement the past and the future in simple, graceful design. Such characteristics are seen in the first collection of the Impera watches. The bezel and hands of the Spartacus Collection represent both the steps of a coliseum and the gladiators’ weapons respectively. An Impera timepiece is a great way to express traditional innovation for the modern-day man.

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Looking at the features of the Impera Spartacus hybrid smartwatch, there are several reasons to own a hybrid smartwatch:

1. Never miss a message or a call

Perhaps you left your phone on silent because of that last meeting and you forgot to turn the ringtone back on? Our hybrid smartwatch will notify you whenever an important call or message comes in, so you will not have to miss it. When your Impera timepiece pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you see notifications as they come in.

2. Tracking of daily goals

Impera timepieces feature a “Progress Complication” in the bottom left of the dial. It helps you keep track of your personal daily goals and shows you the progress you have made during that day. If you have a weight loss goal, you can set your step target and the watch will record your success.

There are many daily goals you can set for yourself, for example: burned calories, steps, hours slept during the night, etc. And your Impera timepiece will be there — right at your side — to help you achieve all of them.

3. Control your phone

If you link your Impera timepiece to your smartphone, you can control music apps such as Spotify or Google Music on the go. Play, Pause or Skip — no problem. Or link it to your camera app and take pictures at the push of a button. You can individually program the buttons on each timepiece to fit your personal preferences

4. Up to 24 months battery life

Unlike ordinary smartwatches, Impera hybrid smartwatches have long lasting rechargeable batteries. Once exhausted, simply place your timepiece on our included unique wireless charger. After only 30 minutes your timepiece is fully charged and ready for up to 24 months.

5. Charming aesthetics

An Impera timepiece is at home in any business meeting without raising eyebrows like traditional smartwatches or fitness trackers. Being classic watches with advanced technology, they feature an analog dial and no display. With its traditional and unique design, it will blend right in, while also keeping you connected throughout your day.

6. Swiss Made

Every Impera timepiece is Made in Switzerland. Quality is our utmost concern and producing anywhere else than in Switzerland is not an option for us. Working together with Swiss experts and watchmakers with decades of experience has allowed us to create a unique timepiece that truly deserves the designation “Made in Switzerland”.

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by Alex Braisch, 1st March 2019

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